Latest Information COVID-19


We are currently open as usual, but only shipping once a week. Please follow our Instagram for updates on stock drops or feel free to give us a message for any enquiries :) @urbansquirrelvintage

Gift vouchers are now available to buy from the home menu, as a gift to a friend or family member you can no longer visit, or in preparation to buy that coat you’ve been eying up! Once you’ve made the order, the voucher will be sent straight to your email inbox. 🎁
As I am sure you are all aware, this is an especially difficult time for small businesses and the self employed, and to those who are still giving your support to this little shop, THANK YOU! We understand not everyone needs to buy a new outfit at the moment or may not even have the money to treat themselves. Any share, mention or like on any of our socials is a massive help, and continues to keep our shop alive, so that when this is all over we can continue to grow! 

Hope you’re all staying safe and enjoying this beautiful weather from the comfort of your back gardens 🌞🌞🌞 Stay safe, stay strong, stay home!